Thursday, August 18, 2022

Rafael dos Anjos Dominates Robbie Lawler For Big Decision Win

Round 1:

RSDA starts things off with a leg kick before each man exchange strikes inside the pocket. Another leg kick from RDA, and he continues to fire them off in numbers. Lawler pressing forward now and he has RDA against the cage. Some nice clinch work to the body from RSA with knees and elbows. More leg kicks from RDA. RDA lands a nice right hand and follows it up with a kick to the body. Another leg kick from RDA but now Lawler comes in hard and throws some shots to the body against the cage. RDA goes for a takedown attempt but it’s defended. A nice knee to the body from Lawler and the pair separate. RDA is cut behind his ear as the round comes to an end.

Round 2:

RDA opens the round with a nice body kick but is pressed against the cage by Lawler. RDA lands some nice shots to the chin, but Lawler is landing some of his own. Another kick to the body from RDA but Lawler is looking to make this a dog fight and press RDA against the cage. A nice hook lands for RDA and he follows up with a leg kick. Now RDA presses forward with hooks, hurts Lawler’s body, lands a flying knee, and is ripping up Lawler against the cage with strikes.

Knees to the body for RDA against the cage, Lawler smiles and fires back. RDA tries to takedown Robbie but it doesn’t work. A nice jab lands for Lawler but he has a kick caught and eats a punch. Another leg kick lands for RDA. Lawler with a nice kick to the body and a jab behind it. Now Lawler is teeing off on RDA against the cage but RDA clinches him close. Now the pair exchange knees to the body against the cage. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Lawler presses forward to open the round but eats a leg kick and a hook. They’re clinched agains the cage again and Lawler rips off a ton of shots to the body. RDA gets a takedown now but Lawler scoots to the cage. Lawler gets to his feet and gets dominant position on RDA against the cage. For several minutes they exchange shots within the clinch before Lawler eats an elbow that drops him. RDA jumps right on top of him and fires off ground-and-pound. The round comes to an end.

Round 4:

Lawler comes out swinging hard to open the round. Although he’s still eating leg kicks, Lawler comes forward. RDA clinches Lawler against the cage and fails on a takedown attempt. They exchange shots again inside the clinch. Some big knees land to Lawler’s body and he begins to turn away a bit. RDA is really ripping away at that leg. A nice left hand lands for Dos Anjos and he just misses on a big overhand. RDA moves out the way of a big hook and Lawler is backed up against the cage again before landing a nice hook. RDA is landing elbows and begins to mix things up nicely. A flying knee lands for RDA and he follows up with an elbow. Lawler’s leg is killing him.

Round 5:

RDA is punishing that leg of Lawler. Dos Anjos comes in on a takedown but is held tightly by Lawler in a hold. The ref is forced to stand the fight up. More clinch work from RDA as Lawler is against the cage. He isn’t able to move because he can’t walk. Lawler now comes out of the corner and moves forard on RDA. Now they exchange shots but RDA misses on a flying knee. Uppercut elbows from RDA and he throws some knees to end the fight.

Official Result: Rafael dos Anjos def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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