Monday, August 15, 2022

Robert Whittaker: I’m Just Happy to Have Closure at Middleweight

You won’t hear any complaints from Robert Whittaker.

“The Reaper” is now recognized as the undisputed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title holder. Georges St-Pierre vacated his middleweight gold, sighting health issues stemming from colitis. Whittaker was given the championship due to his previous status as interim title holder.

Whittaker recently said he’s just happy that the middleweight division has a clear path (via

“With the UFC, anything can happen, really. There was no clear-cut match-up for me at any point in the last six months. So I’m just happy to have closure.”

The middleweight ruler has no hard feelings towards St-Pierre.

“I’m just happy to know Georges has stepped down, I’ve taken the title, and I’m going to defend it come February against Luke. So yeah, it’s just good to know what we’re doing. I’m a very objective-drive bloke, so to have a goal in mind and to have something to do is very important to me.”

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