Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Santiago Ponzinibbio Takes Decision Win Over Mike Perry

Round 1:

Perry starts things off with a body kick and Santiago continues to circle around. Perry misses on a body kick and eats a leg kick. Perry just misses on a big hook and isn’t able to pull the trigger due to Santiago’s conservative style early on. A nice kick to the body lands for Perry and he stuns Santiago with a hook. Perry blitzes Santiago but a brief ground scramble ensues. Perry gets back up to his feet and resumes his assault. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

An early eye poke is called by Perry but the ref doesn’t stop it. Perry takes Santiago’s back for a brief moment before separating. Perry lands a nice lead uppercut backing away and now comes in on Santiago. A takedown from Perry and he has Santiago’s back again. They separate and now Santiago is ripping off some offense against the cage. A hard body kick lands for Perry and he eats a big leg kick afterwards.

Santiago is landing some stiff shots now and Perry isn’t going down easily, he’s giving it all back. A huge left hook lands for Santiago and Perry backs up against the cage. Perry is pressing back now and lands a stiff jab. Spinning back fist lands for Santiago and he’s coming forward with big hooks now. Perry comes forward with big shots now but eats some nice hooks as the round ends.

Round 3:

Perry lands a nice jab and is moving his head very well. Perry lands a nice body kick and follows up with a leg kick. A big right hand lands for Perry, he lands another, and but Santiago lands a huge spinning attack that plants Perry. Santiago wrestles Perry against the cage and gets a brief breather before taking him down again. Santiago gets off some ground-and-pound before Perry gets to his feet and separates. Santiago comes in again on a takedown and gets it. Santiago goes for a guillotine but it just allows perry to stand up. Santiago rips off a ton of shots against the cage as the fight comes to an end.

Official Result: Santiago Ponzinibbio def. Mike Perry via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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