Monday, August 15, 2022

Scott Holtzman Grinds Out Decision Win Over Darrell Horcher

Round 1:

Holtzman just misses on a right hand but shoots in on a takedown against the cage. Horcher defends well and remain on his feet. Horcher now works a takedown against the cage but is tripped by Holtzman and taken down. Some short elbows land for Holtzman from the top and he postures up to deliver some ground-and-pound. Holtzman passes to half guard and Horcher is able to scoot himself to sit against the cage, but eats some shots to the face and body as a result. Horcher gets a quick takedown of his own but Holtzman is seated against the cage now. Holtzman gets to his feet and is able to quickly separate himself from Horcher. Holtzman slips and Horcher jumps right on him in full guard. The pair get to their feet and Horcher lands a nice uppercut to separate themselves. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

A nice straight left lands for Horcher and he catches Holtzman with a nice uppercut as he comes inside. Holtzman tries to clinch but is fended off with a nice left hand. Another nice couple of left hand strikes land for Horcher yet again. Horcher gets taken down by Holtzman with ease and Holtzman begins firing off ground-and-pound. Horcher is able to get to his feet but Holtzman still has him against the cage as they exchange knees. Holtzman trips Horcher and he falls right into half guard. Holtzman postures up and throws an elbow before eating some shots from Horcher from the bottom. The ref calls for the fight to be stood up and they pair begin exchanging bit strikes. Holtzman gets another trip and lands right into his full guard. Holtzman stands up and fires off some big ground-and-pound to end the round.

Round 3:

A nice left hand lands for Horcher and he keeps Holtzman off of him with another. Against the cage now Holtzman shoots knees to Horcher’s body. They exchange uppercuts and Holtzman backs off. Holtzman shoots in again but Horcher defends for now. Horcher fires back some big shots after eating a hook and Holtzman trips Horcher again. Horcher’s corner is urging him to get up but Holtzman is laying on him. The ref makes yet another poor decision to stand the fight up, but Holtzman gets the fight right back down. In half guard and Horcher threatens a Kimura from the bottom. Holtzman now goes for a Kimura of his own. The fight comes to an end as Horcher gets to his feet.

Official Result: Scott Holtzman def. Darrell Horcher via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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