Thursday, August 18, 2022

Shamrock FC And Two Decades of Regional Dominance

Over the last decade the influx of MMA promotions has been drastic. Regional shows pop up and fold faster now than Blockbuster did in the late 2000’s. A rotating door of people making promises to fighters that are seldom kept. Few with a foundation of stability and a history of promises kept.

St. Louis based Shamrock FC has been combating the stereo-types of the regional MMA scene for the last two decades. Creating one of the very best platforms for young fighters to get their feet wet.

Giving fighters and fans alike that “big fight” feel with a big opportunity is doesn’t hurt either. Extravagant weigh-ins that aren’t in a random bar show help show the professionalism that is often lacking. That’s how you get to be one of the longest running promotions that hasn’t been sold (behind only the UFC and King of the Cage).

Shamrock’s deal with Bellator gives their fighters the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with Bellator if they win a Shamrock title. Something no other organization can guarantee. Others may have similar upside, but not a guarantee.

Putting fighters up in a casino, getting a per Diem for food, and knowing that the card is actually going to happen are rare luxuries on the regional circuit. Shamrock delivers on all ends with their fighters. Having NEVER cancelled a show in the last 20 years.

Former fighter and owner Jesse Finney prides himself on how he runs Shamrock and the success that they have had, ” I feel like we are the number 3 promotion in the country. I have been doing this a long time. There is nothing better than putting on a high quality fight card in front of some of the best fans in the country. We pride ourselves on our quality. From the production to the fights, we have been delivering for 20 years.”

You are probably wondering ‘why is this important?’ It’s simple really. The good guys in the sport should be recognized as such. Not to mention the production value is top notch, the organization was showcased on Sport Center this year, and the TV Deal that they signed this year puts them in over 115 million homes nationwide.

Longevity is something that is hard to find in this sport. Being able to grow in this sport all while maintaining your morals is equally difficult. Shamrock has done it and is primed to continue doing it for a long time coming.

Stick with for the latest news and go visit Shamrock to get the latest info on dates and locations of their 2018 shows.

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