Friday, August 19, 2022

Tecia Torres Earns Decision Win Over Michelle Waterson

Round 1:

Waterson just misses on a high kick to start things off and gets a nice trip before taking the back. Torres stands with Waterson still hanging on, but she’s quickly bucked off. Still in the back clinch Waterson works against the cage but Torres takes dominant position. Torres rips off some hooks and the pair separate. A hook from Waterson just misses and she lands a nice body kick. Torres lands a nice uppercut and Waterson responds with a hook.

The pair clinch against the cage and Torres rips off some nice elbows. A nice left hand from Waterson separates them but they clinch again and exchange knees. Torres has Waterson against the cage and she lands a nice hook. Waterson gets separation with a beautiful side kick to the body. The round comes to an end with Torres unleashing a series of hooks on Waterson against the cage.

Round 2:

More clinch fighting to open the round and Torres pushes forward with some hard offense. Waterson struggles to find her range and gets a nice takedown off a throw. Working from half guard Waterson avoids a Kimura attempt from Torres. Another Kimura attempt from Torres but Waterson avoids it again. Torres gets full guard and works for a triangle. No Torres works for an armbar but Waterson gets out of it and stands up. The round comes to an end with a failed takedown attempt from Torres.

Round 3:

A nice overhand right lands for Waterson and Torres now works for a takedown against the cage. Torres presses forward with strikes now and Waterson seems flustered a bit. A nice right hand lands for Waterson and she falls after a botched kick. Torres drags her to the ground and takes the back. Torres with some with some vicious ground-and-pound now before working the rear-naked choke. Waterson gets out of it and the fight ends on the feet with a nice hook from Waterson.

Official Result: Tecia Torres def. Michelle Waterson via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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