Sunday, August 14, 2022

UFC 222: Francis Ngannou Expecting to KO Stipe Miocic

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic stands between rising star Francis Ngannou and his first title under the promotion’s banner

According to the Cameroonian knockout artist, the fight will be an effort of survival for the champion (via MMAFighting):

“I think he will try to survive,” Ngannou said when it was suggested that Miocic would stand and trade with him. “First of all, this is the first word for his gameplan: survive. And then whatever he’s gonna try, I’m gonna catch it, and then I’m gonna connect it, and you know what happens when I connect.”

Despite holding the UFC heavyweight title, Miocic will enter the bout as an underdog against Ngannou, who has torn through every six of the opponents put in front of him by the promotion’s matchmakers. Ngannou figures that his record should be enough to worry Miocic:

“Of course, he’s really intimidated. He knows what’s going to happen,” Ngannou said. “I know he’s just (acting proud) here like, ‘Yes, I’m the champ. I’m this, I’m that.’ But he knows the guy that he’s gonna fight. He knows that it’s gonna be the fight that he’s never had in his career.”

Miocic, responding sarcastically,  was not so sure:

“I guess so,” Miocic said. “Whatever he says. Sure, I’m intimidated. Awesome.”

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