Friday, August 19, 2022

UFC Makes Tweaks to Reebok Sponsorship Structure

The UFC is altering payments to fighters through the Reebok deal, ESPN reported.

Changes include to those entering the UFC for the first time, as fighters with three or fewer bouts will earn $3,500. Fighters making their fourth or fifth appearance for the UFC will now earn $5,000.

Under the previous guidelines, anything under five fights made $2,500.

“This gives the shorter-tenured fighters on our roster an increase,” UFC COO Lawrence Epstein said. “We felt this was the most impactful, meaningful way to get more money to our athletes.”

Fighters competing six-to-10 times will earn $5,000, a number that doubles to $10,000 for 11-to-15 fights. Sixteen-to-20 earns $15,000 with 21 and move securing $20,000. Title challengers are set to earn $30,000 with champions banking $40,000.

The new policy book sent to the fighters also states they are obligated for more media work ahead of bouts, including up to two eight-hour, one-day commercial shoots per year.

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