Friday, August 19, 2022

Andre Fili Takes Decision Over Dennis Bermudez After Three Round War

Round 1:

Bermudez comes in for a takedown but Fili keeps him at bay with some strikes. Some jabs for Bermudez but Fili continues to circle out after being tripped up by a leg kick. A nice body kick for Bermudez and now he has Fili against the cage in the clinch. The pair separate and Fili lands a few nice strikes. A takedown for Fili but Bermudez gets back up. A hard low kick for Bermudez and he presses Fili against the cage with hard strikes. Fili misses on a few wild hooks and now has Bermudez leaning against him on the Octagon. They separate and Bermudez unleashes more leg kicks. Fili lands some nice hooks and gets a big takedown before Bermudez shoots back up to his feet.

Round 2:

A big hook lands for Bermudez and Fili responds with a straight. Another leg kick for Bermudez and Fili is able to get a takedown and works to take Bermudez’s back but he transitions into a takedown attempt of his own. Bermudez goes for a big takedown but Fili lands on his feet. Fili fails on a takedown attempt and both men land jabs. More offense from Fili and he fails on another takedown attempt. A nice counter combo from Fili backing up and he lands a shot to the body as he eats a straight from Bermudez. Bermudez has Fili against the cage and throws some nice knees to the body. Fili gets another takedown and is right into half guard but Bermudez gets his full guard wrapped up. Bermudez unloads elbows from the bottom and gets to his feet. Bermudez now has Fili against the cage and separates with a right overhand. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Bermudez with a nice shot to the body and Fili throws leg kicks. Both men eat jabs and Bermudez backs Fili up a bit with pressure. They begin to trade before Fili circles away. A high kick misses for Bermudez and Fili lands a nice uppercut backing up. Bermudez misses a takedown and is set back on the canvas after having a kick caught and falling. He’s right back up and eats a high kick from Fili. Fili gets a quick takedown but Bermudez uses his hips to avoid hitting the ground and is right back up. Bermudez has Fili against the cage and throws a knee before some punches.

A low blow puts a stop to the action after Bermudez hit Fili a little too low. Bermudez pins Fili against the cage again but he’s able to circle out. A nice right hand lands for Bermudez and he follows up with a leg kick. Some nice hooks land for Bermudez and Fili needs to circle out. Fili lands some nice straights against the cage before having Bermudez clinch him up. A stiff elbow lands for Bermudez before he lands a takedown. The fight comes to an end after Fili scramble to the top and they stand.

Official Results: Andre Fili def. Dennis Bermudez via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

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