Wednesday, August 10, 2022

ATT Coach Says Colby Covington Has no Issues With Brazilian Peers

American Top Team coach Conan Silveira believes the narrative of Colby Covington and animosity with Brazil has been blown out of proportion.

Covington didn’t make many fans after saying Brazil was full of “filthy animals.” He reiterated the statement after defeating Demian Maia in Sao Paulo. Fans responded by throwing garbage at the welterweight.

Speaking to, Silveira insisted that Covington doesn’t have heat with his fellow teammates:

“He doesn’t have any problem with teammates or coaches, Brazilians, not Brazillians, Americans – he doesn’t have any problem with anyone here in the house. I wouldn’t be a fighter that would go that path, but that’s me. What people should see is that 90 percent of fighters that criticize him want to do what he’s doing, want to get what he’s getting. Colby’s not only talking, but he’s doing. As much as people don’t like to recognize that, he’s trash-talking, but he’s fighting and winning and getting there.”

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