Friday, September 30, 2022

Bobby Green Explains Callouts of Eddie Alvarez & Kevin Lee

Bobby Green isn’t pleased with Eddie Alvarez and Kevin Lee ripping his friend Nate Diaz.

Recently, Diaz teased a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The Stockton native said he was tired of lightweights sitting idly and not making any noise. Alvarez claimed Diaz didn’t want to fight him and called him a “f*cking dork.” Lee told Diaz to put his money up or “shut the f*ck up.”

These comments didn’t sit well with Green. After his victory at UFC on FOX 27 over Erik Koch, Green blasted Alvarez and Lee for their criticisms.

Speaking to the media, Green said he isn’t a fan of fighters ganging up on Diaz (via

“I just felt like everybody’s trying to do this pick-on thing, trying to get notoriety off of his name off the Conor (McGregor) stuff. I’m like, ‘If y’all really want to fight, come over here and holler at me.’ It’s that simple.”

He went on to say that he respects Alvarez, but the same can’t be said for Lee.

“I love Eddie. Eddie’s like a legend. No disrespect – he just called my cousin out. But Kevin Lee, I feel like he’s a mouthpiece, and he didn’t earn what he got with a title shot. He didn’t earn that (expletive). He just basically talked his way into stuff. Come see a real fighter and we’ll see how tough you are then.”

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