Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dana White on UFC in WME-IMG Era: ‘F*ck Yeah, We Delivered’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White insists that the promotion is in a great financial state after being purchased by WME-IMG.

Much has been made over the UFC since the Fertitta Brothers sold the promotion. Many have said that outside of when Conor McGregor competes, the UFC lacks buzz on a mainstream level. That is at least not in sync with the $4.2 billion that WME-IMG paid to own the promotion.

Despite the naysayers, White told ESPN that the UFC is still going strong:

“WME-IMG Endeavor bought us for $4 billion, and obviously they need to hit certain numbers for the banks. Right now, I’m spending another $1 million (at UFC’s Las Vegas headquarters) on another wing I want. That’s how bad of a year we’re having.”

He went on to say that the UFC owners have even bigger plans in store.

”(Endeavor CEO) Ari Emanuel wants to buy the building next door and build more s**t. We’re still growing. I think the (2016) sale has everything to do with it,” White continued, speaking to the perception of how the UFC’s business is doing. “Everybody is looking at that $4 billion sale and asking, ‘Did they deliver?’ F**k yeah, we delivered. We deliver every single year. And still, every year, if you listen to the media, we’re f**ked.”

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