Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Drew Dober Bests Frank Camacho After Epic Slugfest

Round 1:

Dober just gets a leg kick to start things off and Camacho responds with a nice counter right hand. Some nice inside hooks by both men as they clinch up and Camacho gets pressed against the cage and eats some knees. Camacho takes dominant position and gets a nice takedown via throw. Camacho in side control now and he throws a few soft shots from the top. Dober scoots to sit against the cage and manages to stand up and throw a knee to Camacho’s face as they separate. A nice uppercut from Camacho and some nice hooks follow behind it.

Another nice uppercut to the body from Camacho and he gets a hook from Dober. More hooks from Camacho and a left lands for Dober. Dober has a takedown stuffed and Camachos shoves Dober off. Camachos clinches up with Dober again and fails to throw him down, but he had Dober against the cage. A nice elbow from Dober but he’s tripped down as Camacho lands in half guard. Dober gets a nice elbow to Camacho’s skull as Camacho tries to advance but Camacho continues to work.

Both men are firing shots at each other from the ground now, and Dober is loving the elbow attack. Dober manages to get to his feet and the round comes to an end with a nice right hand landing for Camacho, that wobbles Dober, to end the round.

Round 2:

A body kick from Dober opens the round up but Camacho stays busy on the inside with some shots. They clinch up and Dober is just unable to get a takedown before Camacho gets one and lands in Dober’s full guard. After a scramble Dober gets to his feet. Camacho looks a bit fatigued and Dober presses forward with offense now. Dober is pouring it on now and Camacho’s arms are dropping. Dober takes the foot off the gas pedal for now and Camacho lands a counter uppercut to the body.

A nice couple of left hands land for Dober and now he’s putting together some beautiful combos. A big head kick lands for Dober and now he presses forward with some strikes. Camacho is pressing forward now but he still looks sluggish. A kick to the body lands for Camacho and both men are landing nice shots now. A head kick for Camacho now lands but Dober is coming forward with hard shots. Camacho isn’t backing down, however, and is fighting back with big hits of his own. Some nice back and forth here. The round comes to an end with a few big right hands from Dober.

Round 3:

Both men open this round with big shots and Dober has a takedown stuffed. Dober is cut above one of his eyebrows. Dober again has a takedown stuffed and eats elbows before getting tripped and taken down himself. Camacho is in half guard and is trying to work for full. Camacho lets Dober get up and we’re striking again. Leg kicks from Dober now and he lands a nice combo. A knee to the gut lands for Camacho and Dober responds with a kick to the body. Dober lands some big hooks and capitalizes with a big left hand. Another leg kick from Dober and Camacho just misses on a big hook.

Camacho lands a huge 1-2 combo and presses Dober against the cage for a moment. Dober circles out and Camacho lands a body kick. Another body kick for Camacho and he lands an uppercut to the body as well. Dober lands a couple of left hands and Camacho stuffs a takedown again. A kick to the body lands for Camacho and he is pressing forward to close the round. Dober lands a big straight as the final horn sounds.

Official Result: Drew Dober def. Frank Camacho via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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