Friday, August 19, 2022

Rob Font Finishes Thomas Almeida In Boston

Round 1:

Both men try to find their range early n and Almeida lands a leg kick. Font comes in and gets Almeida against the cage before separating with a big hook. Another leg kick from Almeida and he backs off Font with a missed combo. Font lands a stiff right hand before pushing against Almeida on the cage again. Almeida is able to separate and circle out but Font presses forward with big shots again. Almeida comes forward but eats a right hook. A jab lands for Font and he follows up with a leg kick.

Almeida now comes forward with some nice shots but just eats a high kick from Almeida. Font with another good jab and he follows it up with a nice elbow inside the pocket. A nice left hook lands for Almeida and he steps inside for a superman punch. Font blocks a high kick and steps inside with a big right hand. The round comes to an end with a scramble after a failed Font takedown attempt.

Round 2:

Font comes out looking for the jab and is throwing it frequently. A bit right hand lands for Font and Almeida rocks back and plants on his butt. Font swarms on him and gets him down but Almeida is able to get back up. Font now has Almeida against the cage and is hitting him with big shots before taking him down again. Almeida again gets to his feet and lands a kick to the body. Almeida seems to have recovered now as he is throwing nice combos. A head kick from Font drops Almeida and he swarms on with the ground-and-pound. Almeida is out, ref waves it off.

Official Result: Rob Font def. Thomas Almeida via R2 TKO (head-kick and punches, 2:24)

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