Friday, August 19, 2022

Phil Baroni: ‘Stephan Bonnar & TUF Ruined The UFC For Everybody’

On this week of the MMANews Podcast, “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni was the guest interview. As usual Baroni wasn’t one to mince words and was direct with his opinions on Donald Trump, his (non) friendship with tag team partner Stephan Bonnar, and thoughts on UFC President Dana White.

His thoughts on pro wrestling gimmicks (Which leads to Trump and illegal immigrant talk).

“Not so much a gimmick man. I really can’t stand all these stinkin’ illegals coming in. Ya know, this Lucha. Hoping the fence. With these masks. These illegals. Just running crazy on this Lucha Underground. That’s where I have a problem with. Coming from New York. Growing up around the block, in Queens, from where Donald Trump our President of the United States grew up. I’m really against these illegals and I really think we should build a wall. I mean I’m waiting for this wall. I already put my name in to be one of the foreman on this construction. I’m waiting to build this wall. Before we get this wall I will just have to go to Lucha Underground and get some of these illegals.”

Stephan Bonnar, Pro Wrestling & Today’s Up and Comers: 

“O, were not friends. We’re tag team partners. We both got into Wrestling. I got into it before him. I’m much better than him. I figured Stephan Bonnar’s got a little bit of a name. If I throw him as my tag team partner it will help me get matches, but he can’t really work a match. He isn’t good enough yet.

Stephan Bonnar, the thing about Stephan Bonnar is, and I think he is the greatest heel in all of MMA. He is the man that ruined this sport for all the fighters. He has that fight with Stephan Bonnar (Forrest Griffin) at the end of The Ultimate Fighter season and he put over the No Union gimmick and The Ultimate Fighter gimmick. Where as you can get on a reality show TV and make very little money for the next ten years but be MMA famous, ya know what I mean? Not really famous, just MMA bubble famous. You can make your little $100,000 to win that tournament. Get your 5 minutes of reality show TV fame. He and that bum Forrest Griffin, they made that seem attainable.

When it was guys like me, Mark Coleman, the Hammer House, Kevin Randleman, and Brandon Vera. We were beasts. We were Olympians. We were the next generation of fighting. Former Olympians and World Medalists. Stephan Bonnar, he was the every day Division 3 basketball player who got in there and had a fight. Anyone can do this shit. You don’t have to be an Olympic Gold Medalist, you don’t have to be a super good athlete. You can just be a Division 3 basketball player and go out there and you will make $50,000 and be on a reality show. That’s what ruined the sport for the real fighters, Stephan Bonnar.”

He then continues…

“The quote is. Stephan Bonnar and The Ultimate Fighter ruined the UFC for everybody. If you want the quote. Stephan Bonnar ruined everything for everybody and all the great fighters.”

Thoughts on UFC President Dana White

“Dana White was my friend for a long time. I took his side on a couple things and I was on teams where they were going against him, where I took his side. He knows he did me dirty, super dirty the last time. He did me super dirty and he knows it and he owes me. We will just see what’s up with this boxing gimmick. He has this new boxing gimmick going on. I want to put this out there to. He did me dirty like a MOFO and he knows it. We will just see what’s up with this boxing gimmick. I can box a little bit.”

Make sure to stick with to see where Phil ends up fighting in Japan, if he ever wins the NWA title, and if Dana White makes it right and gives Phil a shot at boxing.

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