Thursday, August 11, 2022

Stephen Espinoza Won’t Entertain Dana White With ‘Fake Numbers’

Stephen Espinoza isn’t shying away from Dana White or Conor McGregor.

Much has been made over the Aug. 2017 showdown between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor. Mayweather won the “money fight” via 10th round TKO. Leading up to the fight, many people suspected that Showtime set up McGregor to look unfavorable during the world tour.

There is no love lost as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president White and lightweight title holder McGregor blasted Showtime Sports executive Espinoza over his 4.4 million pay-per-view buyrate claim. White insists the PPV did over 6.7 million buys.

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM Radio, Espinoza said White and McGregor are dancing around facts (via

“Dana has got a certain style and it’s very successful for him. The one thing I’ll point out — I don’t want to get too much into a back and forth — but we’re a public company and there are regulations, there are legal requirements. We can’t put out press releases giving fake numbers. We have shareholders. We have millions of shareholders. When we put something on it, when we say, ‘Here’s a Showtime Sports press release from Mayweather-Pacquiao or Mayweather-Mayweather,’ that has gone through lawyers and everyone has looked at it. It’s factual.”

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