Friday, August 19, 2022

Vitor Belfort to Michael Bisping: ‘I Understand You Are Scared’

Vitor Belfort is not happy that Michael Bisping turned down a rematch against him.

Back in Jan. 2013, Belfort took on Bisping in his middleweight return. “The Phenom” earned a second-round TKO. “The Count” suffered a retinal detachment of his right eye. Controversy ensued as Belfort was on testosterone replacement therapy at the time.

A report surfaced a few days ago claiming the UFC was targeting the rematch between Belfort and Bisping. The report was correct, but Bisping wants no part of the bout for his last hurrah. Belfort took to Instagram to vent:

“What a shame (Michael Bisping). (The UFC) just informed me that you have declined the fight. I understand you are scared. The images above pretty much explain it all…
So stop pretending that you are tough and just admit that you are afraid. And I thought you were man enough to step up in the octagon with me again, my mistake… Unfortunately looks like we will not be delivering to the fans the fight they want to see… Happy retirement, you must be feeling amazing leaving the sport thru the back door… To be a legend is not to everyone!”

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