Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CM Punk Falls to Stone Cold Stunner During Training (Video)

Even when he’s away from the squared circle, CM Punk can’t avoid finishing moves.

If you can’t count on sparring partners to rib you, then who can you count on? Punk and Ben Askren have worked closely together since the former sports entertainer decided to dabble in mixed martial arts. Video from 2016 has recently picked up steam, showing Askren hitting Punk with a Stone Cold Stunner while the two were sparring (via The Jobbers).

Punk had a great deal of success working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There, he became a two-time WWE champion and captured the World Heavyweight title three times. He’ll always be known for his 2011 “pipebomb” and his abrupt exit from the WWE in 2014.

Life After WWE

Since departing from the WWE, Punk has become a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster. He had his first professional bout against Mickey Gall back in Sept. 2016. He was submitted in the first round. UFC president Dana White recently said he wants to give Punk another shot.

Sound off in the comments below. How would you rate Ben Askren’s version of the Stone Cold Stunner? Also, would you like to see Punk back inside the Octagon or was one fight enough?

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