Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Curtis Millender Picks Up Impressive Stoppage Victory Over Thiago Alves

Round 1:

Millender starts things off with a leg kick. He keeps the pressure on and throws some nice combinations but nothing of significance lands. Alves tries to come in hard but eats a big shot from Millender. He comes back up but falls again after a heavy shot. Alves is in deep trouble and is eating some big shots from Millender. Millender slows down his assault but now Alves comes in fast. Alves eats some big shots on his way in and gets caught in a guillotine choke on a takedown attempt. The round ends.

Round 2:

Alves comes inside with leg kicks but Millender does well to avoid strikes to his head. Alves is throwing some heavy strikes and Millender is dodging most of them, landing some short shots of his own. A nice right hand to the body lands for Millender. Millender is using his long reach very well to keep Alves from blitzing inside. Millender lands a lead knee to Alves’ jaw that drops the Brazilian and the referee waves it off.

Official result: Curtis Millender def. Thiago Alves via R2 KO (knee, 4:17)

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