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Dana White Comments on Chuck Liddell Fighting Again

Chuck Liddell has made no secret of the fact he would like to fight again. The 48-year-old stated last year he was staying in shape in the hopes of a comeback. Recently, however, Liddell has sounded more serious about a return.

Unfortunately, Liddell is not the only person involved in the decision. UFC President, Dana White, has stated concretely he will never allow the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion back into the octogon.

“I love Chuck Liddell but 50-year-olds shouldn’t be fighting.” – Dana White

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz Trilogy Bout

Liddell has listed Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz as possible comeback fights. At first, Ortiz blew off the suggestion but as Liddell has sounded increasingly serious about it, so has Tito.

In fact, Ortiz went as far as to say he’s even talked to UFC match-makers about the possibility of such a bout. This was not well received by Chael Sonnen, who felt Ortiz was being unloyal to Bellator with his comments.

“It’s like ‘Tito, after all Scott Coker did for you – I mean they ran you around, you were the face of the company, you were main eventing, you were making a bunch of money – that’s your response? You’re gonna come out of retirement, and you’re gonna fight Chuck in the UFC? You don’t give that to Coker? You’re gonna do it in the UFC?” Sonnen said on his most recent podcast.

Would Dana White Allow Chuck Liddell Back in the UFC?

Scott Coker, however, does not believe he has a right to book Ortiz vs Liddell III. Coker told media recently his understanding is that Liddell is still under contract with the UFC.

“My understanding is that Chuck is still under contract with the UFC,” Coker said. “I’m not sure. I just thought that to be true. I don’t know the details, but when he retired, I think the contract freezes and they maintain some rights.”

If that is the case, Liddell will never fight again. Dana White told TMZ reporters recently he loves Liddell too much to ever let him back in the cage. It sounds as though as much as Liddell wants to make a comeback, there is little chance of it happening.

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