Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Derrick Lewis Finishes Marcin Tybura For Home State Knockout Win

Round 1:

Lewis with a big swing and Tybura is down, right into half guard for Lewis. Lewis drops some elbows and a scramble ensues. Lewis gets to side control but Tybura gets up. Lewis loses his balance and stumbles backwards, Tybura falls right into full mount. Lewis beautifully explodes up and gets to his feet. A shot from Lewis plants Tybura on the ground and Lewis is into half guard with ground-and-pound.

Tybura regains himself and gets top position now, into half guard. Tybura gets off some short elbows but isn’t able to land anything of significance. Tybura gets full mount and gets Lewis to give up his back before returning to full mount. The round comes to an end with a kimura attempt from Tybura.

Round 2:

Tybura opens up with leg kicks to back Lewis off. Tybura eats a big right hand but he seems to be fine so far. Lewis now with a blitz and Tuybura eats more before getting a takedown into side control. Tybura gets the back mount and Lewis tries to shake him off but falls back on his back into full mount. Again Tybura gets the back and Lewis tries to shake him off but is unsuccessful. Full mount for Tybura now and he’s dropping elbows. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Lewis throws a high kick that’s blocked and dodges one from Tybura. Some big shots from Lewis now as he connects on a hook, but he takes his foot off the gas pedal to save some energy. Tybura rushes in and pins Lewis against the cage. Lewis is able to separate and obliterates Tybura against the cage as he drops. That’s it, the ref has to step in.

Official result: Derrick Lewis def. Marcin Tybura via R3 TKO (punches, 2:48)

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