Saturday, August 13, 2022

Frankie Edgar: I Would Love to See Ben Askren in The UFC

Count Frankie Edgar as another fighter who would like to see Ben Askren compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Askren has been regarded by many as the best welterweight to have never been inside the Octagon. With world titles in Bellator and ONE Championship, the former Olympian has seen a great deal of success. Recently, he’s been teasing a bout with Georges St-Pierre.

Speaking to MMA Roasted, Edgar said Askren belongs in the UFC (via MMA NYTT):

“I would love to see Askren in the UFC. I think it’s a shame that he hasn’t been here. I think people, or at least Dana and the UFC brass don’t want to see him go out there and wrestle guys to death and whatnot, but he’s out there wrestling and finishing guys now. The dude doesn’t get hit and it’s pretty impressive. Yeah, that’s like the, ‘who would win out of GSP or him?’”

He went on to say that a bout between Askren and St-Pierre is highly anticipated.

“That’s something people have been talking about for a long time and he’s got the ability to make that fight very interesting because of his wrestling ability. Typically Georges is the guy with the wrestling ability, but I think Ben might have a hand in there.”

Sound off in the comments below. Do you think Askren will ever join the UFC roster?

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