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Hufnagle And Robsinson Headline HFC 36 ***LIVE RESULTS***

Hoosier Fight Club returns later tonight at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana with another stacked card for HFC 36. Headlined by Tyler “Spider Monkey” Hufnagle (4-1) against Michael “Man Of Steel” Robinson in a Middleweight bout.

Hoosier Fight Club is one of the premier organizations in the Midwest and is under the Alliance MMA umbrella. HFC has produced UFC stars such as Neil Magny, Felice Herrig, and many more.

This is HFC’s first event in 2018 and is SOLD OUT. Below you can see the full card and make sure to stick with throughout the night as our very own Tim Thompson and Josh Stephens will be LIVE for the event. Bringing you instant analysis, interviews, and results.

HFC 36

February 3, 2018-Blue Chip Casino


Fight #1

Amateur (3-3 minute rounds) @ 155

Nick Friedrich      vs      Brandon White

Rnd 1:

After an early echange white shoves Friedrich to the ground and gets on top. Friedrich goes for a leg lock, but White ends up in side mount. White utilizes his size and gets full mount. White unable to do much and Friedrich temporarily sneaks out the back, but White again ends up in side mount. Very little damage done on top, but White controlled the round.

Unofficial: 10-9 Brandon White

Rnd 2:

Friedrich trying to keep the distance with jabs and headkicks, but White lands a head kick of his own that seems to stun Friedrich. They end up back on the ground and White gets mount once again. After a coupe punches he secures the arm and Friedrich has no choice but to tap.

Official: Brandon White defeats Nick Friedrich via Armbar at :55 of Round 2

Fight #2

Amateur (3-3 minute rounds) @135

Claire Guthrie       vs     Micaela Rampage

 Rnd 1:

They come out throwing and Rampage catches Guthrie with a couple of big right hands. Guthrie tries to get inside the much taller Rampage and gets swept. Rampage trying to utilize ground and pound but Guthrie sweeps and is now in full mount. Throwing punches in bunches from the top. Rampage is just covering. Guthrie works to the back and is going for a choke. Rampage is doing a good job of fighting it off. Lots of hand fighting. The horn sounds with Guthrie trying to finish. Guthrie has a cut under her right eye. Very close round.

Unofficial: 10-9 Claire Guthrie

Rnd 2:

Much more tentative start to the round. Trading leg kicks. Guthrie gets inside and has Rampage up against the fence. Both women fighting for position. Guthrie landing knees while going for the takedown. Rampage throws a nice hip toss but Guthrie utilizes the momentum to reverse it and end up on top with Rampage against the cage. Guthrie now has her in a crucifix position to end the round. Rampage may need a finish here going into the third and final round.

Unofficial: 10-9 Claire Guthrie

Rampage throws and lands a big right to start the round but Guthrie eats it. Throwing some nice counters of her own. Landing leg kicks as she pleases. Guthrie has Rampage back up against the cage working for underhooks or a single leg. Rampage looking for another toss. Guthrie gets underhooks and uses them to press Rampage against the cage and maintain control. Guthrie goes for a double leg and Rampage has a guillotine attempt momentarily. The two split with 10 seconds left and start throwing bombs. Rampage catching Guthrie several times and there is the horn.

Unofficial: 10-9 Claire Guthrie

Unofficial: 30-27 Claire Guthrie

OFFICIAL DECISION: Claire Guthrie wins by Unanimous Decision 29-27, 29-28 (x2)


Fight #3

Amateur (3-3 minute rounds) @ 105

Linda Mihalec     vs     Kara Vislosky

Rnd 1:

They trade early. Trying to find distance. Linda gets an inside trip and ends up in Kara’s guard. Kara has a butterfly in to prevent Linda passing and is able to kick Linda off. After a scramble that momentarily had Linda on her back, they are back on their feet. Kara getting the better of the echanges at distance, but Linda keeps getting it in tight. They trade as the horn blows and ends a very cose first round.

Unofficial: Linda Mihalec 10-9

Rnd 2:

Kara comes out throwing and Linda is reaching a bit to get the fight in close. She continues to eat right hands for her troubles. Linda starts using her jab and changing levels and working the body a bit. Linda gets Kara back on the cage and they two keep working for position. They break and Kara lands a right. Linda gets it back against the cage and the two go back to working for position. Both women land big right hands. Linda lands a good body kick as the horn sounds.

Unofficial: Linda Mihalec 10-9

Rnd 3:

They are trading here in the third. Linda landing several body kicks and attempting overhand right, but Kara is landing some heavy straight rights. Linda gets in back against the cage but Kara is able to get the break. Linda working for a take down and gets it to the cage but Kara switches positions and gets the break. Nice overhead right from Linda and Kara is landing straight rights. A lot of action as the fight ends, but Kara landed the harder shots to end the fight.

Unofficial: 10-9 Kara Vislosky

Unofficial: Linda Mihalec wins by Unanimous Decision over Kara Vislosky 29-28

Official Decision: Linda Mihalec wins by Unanimous Decision over Kara Vislosky 29-28 (x3)



Fight #4

Amateur Titlefight (3-3minute rounds) @185

Julian Moore      vs     Devin Laseter

Rnd 1:

Moore throwing a lot of leg kicks to start the title fight and Laseter lands a solid straight right down the middle. After trading a few more shots Laseter lands a nicer uppercut and straight that seems to stun Moore a bit. After some time against the cage the take the center of the cage and Moore lands a few more big leg kicks. You can hear the smack of those leg kicks. Not sure Laseter will want to eat many more of those big kicks.

Unofficial: 10-9 Julian Moore

Rnd 2:

They are trading in the center and Lasete again lands that big right, but Moore walks through it. After another big right from Laseter that has Moore lose his mouth piece, Laseter gets Moore against the cage. Laseter seems to be getting comfortable and Moore is working has jab and land a monster right that cuts Laseter. Moore pushes Laseter against the cage and is working for a sweep.

Unofficial: 10-9 Devin Laseter

Rnd 3:

Laseter continues to build confidence and Moore is tring for leg kicks but continues to drop his hands and duck his head. Something that could prove dangerous is Laseter can time it. Sneaky upper cut from Laseter and a good shot to the body. Moore trying to force a take down and Laseter continues to be patient. Straight jab is working for Laseter and he gets Moore back up against the cage to end the round. Pace a bit slower in the third.

Unofficial: 10-9 Devin Laseter

Unofficial: 29-28 Devin Laseter

Official Decision: Julian Moore wins by Split Decision over Devin Laseter 28-29. 29-28 (x2)



Fight #5

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @135

Feroz Khan     vs     Chris Johnson

 Rnd 1:

Both men gauging the distance but putting a lot of power behind each shot. Feroz walking down Johnson and throwing kicks throughout. Both men sense the speed and power of the other and are not rushing in to anything. Feroz landing some nice leg kicks and seems unfazed by anything Johnson throws. Feroz drops his hands to show he can’t be hurt and continues to walk Johnson down. A nice left hand and a good exchange for Johnson but Feroz responds with some leg kicks that his friends back home in Chicago can hear. As the ten second mark hits Johnson lands a power double and puts Feroz on his butt.

Unofficial: 10-9 Chris Johnson

Rnd 2: More of the same to start the second. Good hands for Johnson and Feroz throwing leg kicks. Johnson lands a leg kick of his own that catches Feroz off balance and puts Johnson on top. Back to the feet. Johnson taking his time and Feroz looking to land a big counter shot. Feroz lands a nice head kick and continues to chase Johnson down. A flurry of punches from Johnson capped off by a hook to the body gets the crowd into it. Back to the center of the cage and Feroz biggest success continues to be leg kicks, but again with 10 seconds left Johnson uses a power double to ge Feroz to the ground.

Unofficial: 10-9 Johnson

Rnd 3:

Feroz footwork and technical skills are there but he continues to have trouble getting his hands off for whatever reason. Johnsons seems ok with eating leg kicks and landing his shots when they are there. Feroz walks Johnson down some more and is very confident as he continues to drop his hands. He must believe he is winning this fight. Another flurry that doesn’t do much for either man. Straight left and left hook lands for Johnson. Once again you hear the crack from Feroz kick on Johnsons lead leg. Johnson letting his hands go a bit now. A minute left and both men are gesturing to the other “let’s go”. Big head kick from Feroz but Johnson appears to be ok. Johnson shoots for the double again but this time gets put in a guillotine. Both guys raise their arms after the horn.

Unofficial: 10-9 Feroz

Unofficial: 29-28 Chris Johnson

Official Decision:  Chris Johnson wins by Split Decision over Feroz Kahn 30-27, 29-28, 28-29



Fight #6

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @145

Vlad Cerbadji     vs     Adam Ward



Fight #7

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @155

Tim Cho     vs     Mike DeLaVega






Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @ 145

TJ Pettigrew     vs     Corey Jackson




Fight #9

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @ 205

Pierre Walters     vs     James Shorter



Fight #10

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @ 205

Marcus Govan     vs     John Troyer



Co-Main Event

Fight #11

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @ 170

Josh Streacker     vs     Craig Fruth



Main Event

Fight #12

Professional (3-5 minute rounds) @ 185

Tyler Hufnagle     vs     Michael Robinson



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