Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Jake Mathews Picks Up Hometown Win Over Li Jingliang

Round 1:

In the first minute neither man lands any offense and is buys feeling one another out. Matthews comes in and lands a nice right hook. He follows up with another left hook and drops Jingliang for a moment with another. Another big left lands for Mathews but Jingliang continues to come forward. Another few shots land for Matthews inside the pocket and he is able to drop Jingliang on his back. Mathews gets full mount and reigns down shots from the top with two minutes left. Matthews is unloading and is able to take the back. Jingliang is able to survive as the round expires.

Round 2:

Jingliang is able to land some stiff shots inside the pocket and Matthews is bleeding profusely but locks in a deep rear-naked choke. Jingliang escapes and continues to attack Matthews on the feet. A wild few hooks land for Matthews but Jingliang continues to come forward. A leg kick lands for Jingliang and he misses on several shots as Mathews is able to hit him with two. The pair continue to circle around the cage and don’t really hit one another. Matthews lands a one two combo and now they’re exchanging strikes against the cage. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Matthews takes Jingliang down but he’s right back up to his feet against the cage. A high knee just lands for Matthews and they separate. A leg kick lands for Jingliang and Matthews lands a nice hook. A jab for Jingliang and a huge right hand drops Jingliang. Mathews tried to lock in a rear naked choke and Jingliang counters, scrambles, and gets dominant position on the ground. Matthews gets up and works a takedown now. Matthews with another few hooks and lands a high knee but eats a shot from Jingliang simultaneously. Matthews gets a big takedown with seconds left but Jingliang is to his feet. The fight comes to an end with a Jingliang leg kick and a Mathews hook landing.

Official Result: Jake Mathews def. Li Jingliang via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 30-26)

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