Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Joe Rogan: Mayweather Stands a Chance Against CM Punk in UFC

Joe Rogan gives Floyd Mayweather a “real chance” against CM Punk inside the Octagon.

Much has been made over the hoopla of Mayweather’s mixed martial arts tease. A report even surfaced claiming that Mayweather and his team are seriously considering an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bout with Conor McGregor. There’s also the possibility that Mayweather is simply promoting his sponsors.

‘Money’ vs. Punk?

During a recent edition of his JRE show, Rogan said that Mayweather would be better served in a bout with Punk (via MMAJunkie.com):

“Listen, if this fight takes place (against McGregor), Floyd doesn’t have a chance. (Against CM Punk), Floyd’s got a real chance. Unless CM Punk figures out a way – CM Punk is way bigger. Let’s be honest about that. CM Punk is a guy who was wrestling at like 190 pounds, cut weight to get to 170 to fight in the UFC. He’s not on anything. I’m pretty sure, at least according to everyone I’ve talked to everyone that knows anything about him, (he’ clean).”

Rogan reflected on Mayweather’s unblemished record, implying that he could be a threat in MMA due to his unparalleled boxing ability.

“That said, Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer, maybe of all-time – at least on paper he is. Unbelievable accomplishments; 50-0. I don’t care if the last fight was Conor McGregor. He’s still 50-0. That’s (expletive) insane. He’s on another level of everyone who is on another level.”

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