Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Matt Mitrione Calls Out Roy Nelson for Cheating at Bellator 194

Despite defeating Roy Nelson and advancing in the Bellator Grand Prix, Matt Mitrione still has a gripe with how things played out Friday night. The 39-year-old heavyweight is claiming his former Ultimate Fighter house roommate illegally used the fence in the 3rd round of their Bellator 194 tilt.

Mitrione was a guest yesterday on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and went into detail regarding his claims. According to Mitrione, Nelson stuck his toe in the fence while on top of him, which prevented Mitrione from being able to sweep him off.

Roy Nelson vs. Mitrione II – Bellator 194

“I have an escape out of the crucifix, so we knew if I got put in the crucifix, I was going to do this one move,” Mitrione explained.

“1:54 seconds left in the 3rd round, you’re going to see me do a move that I do where I bring my left heel, I bring it across his right calf, I squeeze my knees together and if I twist my hips hard enough it actually becomes a sweep and end up on top.”

Mitrione continued to say he attempted to do this in the main event at Bellator 194 but believes Nelson gained leverage by illegally sticking his big toe through the cage.

“Roy then took his right big toe and lifted his foot off the ground and stuck it inside of the fence,” Mitrione continued. “And then for 45 seconds, or 40 seconds or so, inside of that round when he was on top of me punching me or elbowing me, he was cheating. He had all this leverage because he was pushing off the fence driving into me.”

Mitrione continued to blast Nelson in the interview, stating he claims to have integrity but cheated when the fight got tough.

“You’re a grand-standing dude with false integrity” – Matt Mitrione to Roy Nelson

Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix

While Mitrione might be busy building up a trilogy bout with Big Country, he’ll have to worry about an entirely different opponent in the next round of the tournament. Mitrione will face the winner of King Mo vs. Ryan Bader which is currently slated for Bellator 199  on May 12th, 2018 from San Jose.

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