Friday, August 19, 2022

Max Griffin Spoils Mike Perry’s Homecoming In Florida

Round 1:

Griffin lands a nice right hand to open up. He follows it up with a combination that cuts Perry’s forehead. Perry with a leg kick and just misses an overhand right. Another clean hook for Griffin lands and Perry misses another overhand. Perry gets caught with a straight after throwing a front kick. The pair grabble against the cage and Griffin lands a knee to the body. Perry misses a head kick and has a body kick blocked.

A body kick lands for Perry and he follows up with another one on the opposite side. A right hand lands for Griffin and he follows up with a couple of hooks. Griffin has beautiful timing and Perry is throwing wildly and is having trouble finding his range. Perry gets a takedown and goes for the neck after taking the back. Perry gets full mount to end the round and has a ton of blood on his face.

Round 2:

A lead hook and uppercut lands for Perry and Griffin responds with a nice combination of hooks. A clean right hand lands for Griffin as Perry throws a leg kick. A nice jab lands for Griffin and he comes inside with another good combination. A big hook lands for Perry but Griffin continues to circle. A front kick to the body lands for Perry. Griffin lands a jab as he backs away from Perry, who continues to pressure forward but isn’t throwing much. A lead hook lands for Perry and Griffin lands a hellacious combo that rolls Perry’s eyes back for a bit gut he survives. Perry is back to his feet but gets smothered by Griffin against the cage. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Griffin tries to come in hard and Perry backs him off with a very hard hook. Perry now comes forward hard and is searching for the knockout. Perry tries to get the takedown and jumps on Griffin’s back but is bucked off. A big lead hook lands for Perry and he follows it up with a big right hand. Griffin is moving around well now and is avoiding any sort of exchange. A high kick lands for Perry with less than a minute left, he follows up with an uppercut. Some more big hooks from Perry now. A scramble leads to a takedown attempt from Perry. The round comes to an end.

Official Result: Max Griffin def. Mike Perry via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 30-27)

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