Tuesday, August 9, 2022

RDA Tells Tyron Woodley to Man up, The Champion Responds

Tyron Woodley has made an enemy out of Rafael dos Anjos, but he isn’t backing down.

Woodley made waves when he expressed his belief that a bout with Nate Diaz will happen sometime this year. Diaz added fuel to the fire by saying that Woodley is his best option right now. This has not made dos Anjos happy.

After defeating Robbie Lawler back in December, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White said he liked the idea of a welterweight title bout between champion Woodley and dos Anjos. It looks like that will be on the back burner in favor of Diaz’s return.

Taking to Twitter, RDA shamed “The Chosen One:”

“Tyron Woodley man up and stop talking about (a) fight that make no sense, Everyone knows that I’m the real contender. You want to fight a guy that has never beat a real welterweight in his whole life. Shame on you…”

The Response

Woodley didn’t hold his tongue:

“I’m not his friend, family or anything close. I’m his foe. Could give a care less about his patience. I’ll deal with him after I finish my scrap with Nate Diaz, go fight Qweefington if you are impatient and bored.”

Sound off in the comments below. Would you rather see Woodley defend his title against Diaz or dos Anjos?

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