Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Andrei Arlovski Bests Stefan Struve After Three Rounds

Round 1:

Arlovski starts things off with a leg kick More leg kicks from “Pitbull” and he just misses on a counter hook. A overhand lands for Arlovski and Struve responds with a head kick that is blocked. Arlovski takes Struve down and is right into half guard. Arlovski stands and allows Struve to get up. Struve has Arlovski against the cage and misses on some wild hooks. Struve tries to trip Arlovski but a scramble lands him on bottom. Arlovski again lets Struve get up. A flying knee from Struve is caught and Arlovski clinches up with the Dutchman. The round comes to an end with Arlovski tossing Struve down to the ground.

Round 2:

A high kick from Struve is blocked and Arlovski clinches up with him against the cage. A takedown from Arlovski now and he’s right into full guard. Struve sweeps him and is attacking Arlovski’s leg. Now Struve is on top of Arlovski against the cage and is trying to take the back. Side back control and Struve unloads some shots but he gets to his feet. Still with the back clinch and he fails to take Arlovski’s back. Arlovski has dominant position and is trying to toss Struve down to the mat. Arlovski now landing some nice shots but Struve again recovers. The referee breaks the clinch up and they strike. Now an eye poke from Struve stops the action. Back underway now and the pair exchange body kicks. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Leg kick from Struve to open the round and Arlovski pushes forward with a nice combination to push Struve back. A nice right hand lands fro Struve and Arlovski just misses an overhand. A head kick from Struve is blocked and Arlovski clinches Struve against the cage again. They separate and Struve calls for an eye poke. Back underway now and another high kick from Struve is blocked. A big overhand lands for Arlovski but Struve takes it well. Arlovski tries to take Struve down but fails on his first attempt, and succeeds on his second. Side control now for Arlovski but Struve is postured up a a bit against the cage. Struve gets up and tries to go for the knockout but fails as time expires.

Official Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Stefan Struve via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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