Thursday, June 30, 2022

Luke Rockhold: If Michael Bisping Beats Me, ‘This Will Be My Retirement Fight’

Luke Rockhold is not only throwing out a challenge to Michael Bisping for a third fight but he's saying that if he doesn't win, that will mark the end of his fighting career.

Luke Rockhold is throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to his rivalry with Michael Bisping.

After the fighters split their first two bouts, Rockhold and Bisping have been taking jabs at each other recently while both showing interest in setting up a trilogy to settle the score once and for all.

Now Rockhold is offering Bisping the ultimate challenge as the British middleweight has said that his next fight will be the last of his career.

“I’ll put it on this — if Bisping beats me in this fight, I’ll be the motherf–ker who retires. If Bisping beats me in this fight, this will be my retirement fight,” Rockhold said on Wednesday.

“If Bisping beats me in this fight, this will be my retirement fight” ~ Luke Rockhold

It’s an emphatic statement from Rockhold as he’s determined to get into the cage with Bisping one more time to exact revenge after he suffered a knockout loss in their last meeting.

Bisping has said he would be interested in the third fight as long as the UFC made him the right kind of offer, but Rockhold is getting a little sick and tired of hearing all the conditions that have to be met before they can finally face off again.

That’s why Rockhold is not only calling Bisping out but he’s raising the stakes for this third fight to come together.

“There’s a lot of things I want to do but the motherf–ker ran his mouth. He opened the door,” Rockhold said about Bisping. “I’m not one to turn down opportunities. I back up everything I say and I put it on the line. I’m going to back up what I say and let’s see if Bisping can back up what he says. I’m ready to go. The UFC is ready to go. The fans are ready to go.

“It all comes down to one boy. We’ll see if he’s a man or a boy. Men back up their words. Little boys run away.”

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