Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sean O’Malley Survives Late Leg Injury To Beat Andre Soukhamthath

Round 1:

O’Malley starts things off with a couple of good attacks to the legs. Soukhamthath’s leg is hurt a bit after that attack but he hides it well. Soukhamthath lands a nice right hand but O’Malley continues to press forward. A nice spinning wheel kick just lands for O’Malley. A leg kick from O’Malley takes Soukhamthath’s leg out from under him as he drops but shoots back up. A nice kick to the body lands for O’Malley.

A nice jab lands for O’Malley and he follows it up with a nice combo that backs Soukhamthath up a bit. A right hand for O’Malley now and he’s mixing up and landing strikes well. A big right hand from O’Malley drops Soukhamthath and he pours on the ariel attacks to try and drop his counter part. Soukhamthath is eating big shots but O’Malley is being patient, but effective. Soukhamthath is able to survive the round for now.

Round 2:

Soukhamthath opens up aggressively and O’Malley fires back with a body kick and a nice 1-2. A hard leg kick from Soukhamthath and O’Malley lands a nice jab. A nice left hand down the pipe lands for O’Malley and he follows it up with another. Soukhamthath takes O’Malley down and is right into full guard. O’Malley is going for a triangle now and seems to lock it up. O’Malley tries to switch into an armbar but Soukhamthath escapes and is now in side control. After a scramble O’Malley uses a guillotine to stand up and hurts Soukhamthath with a strike to the body. He spins his way into side control. The round comes to an end with a rear-naked choke clinch from O’Malley.

Round 3:

Soukhamthath advances hard to open the round and O’Malley lands some nice counter strikes before Soukhamthath comes in on a takedown attempt. He has O’Malley against the cage but he’s able to escape. A nice kick to the body from O’Malley and he follows it up with a head kick. O’Maley’s leg is hurt and Soukhamthath recognized it. He takes O’Malley down and traps his arm in side control momentarily but O’Malley escapes and is back to his feet. O’Malley is hopping on one leg and falls back down. Soukhamthath has side control but he gets to his feet. A spinning elbow for O’Malley but Soukhamthath twists his way into side control again on the ground. O’Malley can’t stand and simply defends on the ground as time runs out.

Official Result: Sean O’Malley def. Andre Soukhamthath (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

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