Monday, May 16, 2022

Conor McGregor Pictured With Irish Criminal Duo Before UFC 223

McGregor was seen with two brothers who are notorious criminals in Ireland

The fallout from the UFC 223 bus attack by Conor McGregor continues. With a clearer picture now being painted, surprising and shocking details are starting to show.

According to various reports, Conor McGregor was sighted alongside two Irish criminal brothers, who between them have 66 convictions. Jonathan and Andrew Murray have been known associates of McGregor. The brothers have photographs with the Irishman all over Instagram.

The most recent photo was posted on the day of the attack with the caption “the we don’t give a bollox crew.” The photo has since been removed from social media, however, it was retrieved below:

 McGregor with Jonathan and Andrew Murray

The photo was then followed by a second caption which read “We took over an we done it in Gucci style hahaha we took there birds clothes they fitt nice we didn’t do it f*****g mafia style we done it f*****g Don style.”

Both brothers have got a large number of convictions between them. Jonathan Murray was convicted in 2012 in what a judge described as a “sickening assault” on a man, Murray proceeded to kick the individual whilst he was grounded, he was incarcerated for 18 months. Andrew, the elder of the two, has got a total of 18 convictions with numerous of them being for possession, sale and supply of drugs.

The pair has been friends of the UFC star for some time. They were part of his entourage during McGregor’s attendance of the Fashion Award show in London last year as well as accompanying him during his bout with Mayweather last summer.

McGregor has got a history of ties to the Irish underworld. He trained alongside the son of the famous Gerald ‘Hatched’ Kavanagh, Jamie Kavanagh. He was also seen at the funeral of Gerald’s brother, Paul Kavanagh, who was believed to have been murdered by his own gang. McGregor’s ties with the underworld certainly will raise a few eyebrows.

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