Tuesday, December 6, 2022

MMANews Fantasy League – Powered by UFC Pick ‘Em

Join our Fantasy League now!

Everyone here at MMANews is excited to announce our new UFC Fantasy League powered by UFC Pick ‘Em. Test your MMA knowledge against the MMA News staff and battle against fans from around the world to earn our special gold, silver and bronze podium positions.

To sign up to the MMANews Fantasy League, simply click on this link http://bit.ly/2Htv5do and create an account. You will automatically be added to the Fantasy League. Once you have been added make your predictions. For extra points predict what round the fight will end and the method of victory.

Fantasy MMAJoin the MMANews Fantasy League Now

Each winner will be given an honorary place on our MMANews Winners Wall and they will receive special prizes depending on their podium finish. The MMANews Winners Wall will be a place for our Fantasy League to talk and discuss mixed martial and congratulate all of our event winners.

Finishing in the top three will earn you an MMANews Fantasy League certificate, and the overall winner will also receive a gift voucher. We are giving you the opportunity to show your MMA knowledge, compete with friends and family and earn amazing prizes.

Before each event, we will upload our Fantasy League Tips. This will give our fans the inside scoop on the upcoming event, along with our staff picks to help you with your predictions. For fans who are unsure about who to pick, this is a must-read.

After each event, the event winners will be announced in our Fantasy League Results. This will give our fans the opportunity to see where they finished in the Fantasy League, and it will also give fans important details on the overall event.

Pay-Per-View events will be a monumental occasion for the MMANews Fantasy League. The fights will be bigger, the prizes will be better and there will be more exciting competitions for fans to get involved in.

We want our MMANews Fantasy League to be a fun place where fans can be competitive in a friendly environment.

Interact, predict and most of all have fun! Join now!