Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Chuck Liddell Confirms His MMA Return

Chuck Liddell will return to the cage.

A lot has been made over a recent conversation between Liddell and Oscar De La Hoya. The former UFC light heavyweight champion and the boxing legend were in talks regarding a potential new MMA promotion. Questions loomed over whether or not Liddell was discussing a behind the scenes business role, or a return to active competition.

“The Iceman” gave his answer during a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour.” Liddell confirmed that he’s in talks for a potential November bout with Tito Ortiz. If all goes well, then this will likely be the first main event under “Golden Boy MMA.” Liddell did note, however that if another promotion makes sense then he’ll do battle elsewhere.

During the interview, Liddell explained why he’s coming back:

“I will fight again. If we can get a deal together with somebody that makes sense, yeah. It does not hinge on Tito’s participation. I miss it, I never stopped missing it. I hadn’t really thought about it much and then when he brought it up we really got going and I started training and doing stuff again I thought to myself, ‘what if he pulls out? Am I gonna do all of this and not fight?’ If it doesn’t work out with him, I’m gonna give it a shot.”

Liddell hasn’t competed since June 2010. He was knocked out by Rich Franklin in the first round. It was “The Iceman’s” third straight knockout loss. Liddell announced his retirement and held an office job for the UFC until WME-IMG took over.

UFC president Dana White, who is a longtime friend of Liddell, recently admitted that he’ll be sad if “The Iceman” decides to fight again. It was White who encouraged Liddell to call it quits almost eight years ago.

What are your thoughts on Chuck Liddell returning to active competition?

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