Friday, October 7, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Set to Begin MMA Training Next Week

Floyd Mayweather has been teasing fighting in the UFC for months, but we now have a specific time frame on when he will allegedly begin training.

In a live chat with fans Thursday morning, Tyron Woodley informed fans when he will begin training Floyd Mayweather in MMA:

“I just talked to Floyd. He was in Singapore…somewhere else. I just talked to him a couple of days ago. So when he get back in town next week, me and him are going to start training.”

This is not the first time we have heard about Woodley training Floyd Mayweather, but it is, however, the first time we have an approximate start date for when the training will begin. In an interview with Ben Thompson of Fight Hype in March, Mayweather claimed to already have begun training, but in a more preparatory fashion:

“I’ve started training already. Not the physical part, endurance part. So far I just started running…and Mayweather Promotions has signed their first MMA fighter.”

He also mentioned Tyron Woodley by name, confirming that the two were in talks to train together:

“Me and Woodley bumped into each other on numerous occasions. We talked, we said we need to start working out…I’ma be working with different guys in the Jiu Jitsu world. My wrestling game, I’ll be working with guys with the wrestling. My kicking game, I’ma be working with guys in the kicking game. Before I get in the octagon I gotta be well-rounded all around the board.”

Many fans and journalists of both boxing and MMA are skeptical that Floyd will actually compete in the UFC. Floyd has yet to confirm that he is going to fight in MMA, but has publicly claimed that there is interest there. According to Tyron Woodley, whether or not Mayweather actually follows through with his stated interest and fights in the UFC, the welterweight champion will be expecting him in the gym next week.

What do you think? Do you believe Floyd Mayweather will truly begin full MMA training next week?

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