Sunday, December 5, 2021

Mackenzie Dern Accepts Responsibility for ‘Unprofessional’ Weight Cutting Mishap at UFC 224

Mackenzie Dern issued a statement on Tuesday where she took responsibility for missing weight at UFC 224 and promised that she's already working towards correcting the problem.

Mackenzie Dern didn’t quite have the week she wanted in Brazil for UFC 224.

While the 25-year old prospect was excited for the chance to compete in front of the Brazilian crowd with her father in the audience for the first time ever for one of her fights, Dern faced a mountain of criticism before and after the event for failing to make weight for her bout against Amanda Cooper.

Not only did Dern miss weight but she came in a whopping seven pounds over the strawweight limit, which is the third time in her career she’s failed to make weight during her career competing at 115 pounds.

Ultimately, Dern scored an impressive first round submission over Cooper but she also faced as much backlash over her weight cutting problem as she did congratulations on the victory.

Now Dern has issued her first public statement following UFC 224 where she takes responsibility for missing weight while adding that she’s already making corrections to ensure that it never happens again.

“I want to first thank Amanda Cooper for taking the fight against me this Saturday at UFC 224. How most of you know, I missed weight and thankfully, Amanda and the UFC allowed the fight to happen,” Dern said on Instagram. “I know [it] was unprofessional and I truly didn’t mean any disrespect to my opponent, organization or the fans.

“I really learned a lot from this and I know this is just making me a better fighter/athlete for the future. I appreciate all the messages and support from all of you and I can say that everything is already in the works with the help of the UFC to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Following her win, Dern said that the UFC had suggested a move to flyweight following her latest weight cutting mishap but she also planned on teaming up with the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas to help with her nutrition ahead of her next fight.

There’s little doubt that Dern is one of the most promising prospects in the UFC today but obviously the weight cutting problems will continue to haunt her if something doesn’t change.

From the sound of things, Dern is committed to making those changes before booking her next fight in the UFC later this year.

Do you think Mackenzie Dern should be fighting at strawweight or should the UFC force her to move to flyweight? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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