Monday, November 29, 2021

Of Course Aaron Pico Is Thinking About Boxing

With his last three fights ending by way of knockout or TKO in the first round, of course Aaron Pico (3-1) is considering a boxing career. Pico scored his most recent finish at Bellator 199 last weekend when he seemingly put power into just about every punch he threw when he dropped Lee Morrison (19-9) with a body shot and finished him with more punches on the ground.

Pico made his MMA debut when Bellator held their first event in New York City where he was highly touted. He ended up losing to Zach Freeman via guillotine in 24 seconds. The thing about being a wrestling prospect is opponents expect the takedown and can plan for it. So Pico changed to featherweight and with the change in weight came a change in his approach to MMA.

While known for his wrestling, Pico’s striking and more specifically his boxing has been what has been creating his highlight reels over at Bellator. In a post-fight interview posted at MMA Junkie,  Pico said he was “a very high-level boxer” before he focused on wrestling. When posed with the question if he would pursue the career Pico seemed all for it.

“I love boxing, eventually I’m going to get some boxing bouts in me,” said Pico of making the move to professional boxing along with MMA. “I think I’m very capable of being a world champion in boxing. I’ve been Miguel Cotto’s sparring partner for the last two fights of his career.”

“If you ask Freddie Roach if he thinks I’m capable of becoming a world champion in boxing and MMA, I’m 100% sure he’ll say yes.” -Aaron Pico

Should fans require any proof of the power Pico packs in his punches, see Bellator’s recent episode of Rewind for proof of what his hands are capable of.

Do you think Pico will be a two-sport champion?

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