Sunday, December 5, 2021

Brendan Schaub Slams “Cringeworthy” Commentary During Punk vs. Jackson

Brendan Schaub has slammed the commentary from UFC 225 during the Punk vs Jackson bout.

Brendan Schaub feels the same sentiment toward CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson that many MMA fans around the world do. However, the former heavyweight fighter also took aim at the commentary during the bout.

Schaub feels the commentary was ‘cringe-worthy.’ He said on his podcast “The commentators… Joe Rogan, one of my best friends, my brother. And even Jimmy Smith, those guys. When they would go, ‘Mike Jackson has high-level striking’, I think we have to be very careful, very careful not to throw around the term ‘high-level striking’. Trust me, a high-level striker would have beat CM Punk in under 30 seconds.”

“It would not have been a competitive fight if any one of those two had some sort of high-level striking” Schaub said.

“That was the only cringe-worthy night…the only thing that made me go, ‘oh god!’. We got to be careful with that because if you’re a fan and you’re watching that and you go, ‘god, that’s high-level striking?’ No, it’s not.”

Rogan stated criticisms numerous times throughout the action on display, however, he was also seemingly holding back. Whilst Jackson may hold a Houston Golden Gloves title, many feel calling him a ‘high-level striker’ was a stretch.

Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, was completely outclassed in all aspects on the night. The former WWE superstar was left bloodied and bruised by the end of the night and was transported to the hospital for scans immediately after the bout. Jackson, who cruised his way to the decision win, was largely criticized for his antics in the cage by Dana White.

With both fighters hugely disappointing in the bout for different reasons, it is expected that both will be cut. Jackson is seemingly at odds with Dana White and CM Punk has been left beaten badly in both of his bouts.

Do you agree with Brendan Schaub on the commentary during CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson?

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