Sunday, November 28, 2021

Jessica-Rose Clark Speaks Out Against Greg Hardy’s UFC Opportunity

Jessica Rose-Clark isn’t a fan of Greg Hardy‘s developmental Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract.

Hardy is a controversial former NFL star. He played at the defensive end position for the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys. Hardy competed in his professional mixed martial arts debut on Dana White‘s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Hardy knocked out Austen Lane in under one minute.

The win was impressive enough for UFC president Dana White to offer Hardy a developmental contract with the UFC. He hopes to have Hardy back for the Contender Series finale. He even threw out the idea of having Hardy compete on a “Lookin’ For a Fight” card.

The reason controversy follows Hardy stems from his past. Hardy has a history of domestic violence. His victim didn’t want to testify, so Hardy was off the hook but his reputation has taken a significant hit. White believes Hardy is doing all the right things to turn his life around.

Rose-Clark, a women’s flyweight in the UFC, was a victim of domestic violence. During a recent appearance on the “Phonebook Fighting” podcast, she said she wasn’t convinced that Hardy can change (via

“I don’t believe people like that change. They gave him his second chance, and I’m a firm believer that someone who is capable of going as far as he went with me – and I know he’s been further with other women before I met him – he’s not going to change. He can do all the convincing and all the lying in the world, and he can convince you that he’s a really good person. But who he is at his core is someone who’s capable and willing to do stuff like that.”

Do you believe Greg Hardy can turn things around?

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