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Jose Torres Talks About Winning His UFC Debut On Short Notice (Exclusive)

Jose 'Shorty' Torres recently sat down with us and discussed his debut, his views on weight cuts and his future goals

Following a successful debut at UFC Utica, Jose Torres spoke to us about his debut fight in UFC as well as other various topics. Torres defeated Jarred Brooks via TKO in round two during their bout.

MMA News: You were victorious in your UFC debut. Can you explain how it felt in that moment? 

Jose Torres: Honestly, the moment was 50/50 for me. The nine days leading up to the fight were so hectic that I didn’t even remember that at the end of it I still had to fight. I’m very happy that I am now in the UFC and that I won, it’s still slowly hitting me that I’m 1-0 in the UFC and it makes me that much more excited to get a real training camp to make a proper UFC debut.

MMA News: You were a late step in, can you talk us through that moment when you got the call and the week leading up to the bout?

Jose Torres: It was extremely hectic and I initially said no when I first got the call because of the situation and how heavy my weight was, but my team talked me through it and motivated me to finally call back and say yes. It was nine days of losing 26lbs, multiple medical tests, media calls and videos, a crazy amount of paperwork and travelling. I honestly didn’t believe by the end of it that it all would’ve worked out the way it did, but because of my team helping me out and pushing through the cut, I made weight, everything was complete and we got the win.

MMA News: As somebody who was a late replacement, you, of course, had to make a weight cut in a short space of time, how much did you have to cut in that week? 

Jose Torres: I lost 26lbs in nine days all because of Loutrition’s (Louis Giordano) help. If it wasn’t for him on my side, I wouldn’t have been confident enough to take the challenge and even make weight. Other people either would’ve said no or missed weight or ended up in the hospital because of it. I have a great and smart man by my side and I owe my UFC contact to him.

MMA News: On the topic of weight cuts, a lot has been said regarding the change to the weigh-in system. What are your thoughts on afternoon weigh-ins and just in general on how could botched weight cuts be avoided in your eyes?

Jose Torres: I believe weigh-ins should stay in the morning. It gives the athletes more time to recover and because of that, it’ll give the fans and the UFC a much better show. Healthier fighters, better performances. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time weigh ins are, mornings, 24 hours or even an hour before. Fighters will still sadly do the same things to make weight and they will continue to miss weight and mess up events. I say fighters should get educated and hire someone to help them like I did or bump up in weight. Worry about the fight, not the weight cut.

MMA News: Your opponent was unhappy with how the fight ended and tweeted that you essentially got lucky. What are your thoughts on that and would you like to run it back? 

Jose Torres: Honestly, If anyone ever watches my fights. The first round always goes the same. I start very slow, walk forward, get hit a lot and once in a while even dropped to lose the first round, but I stay composed and start working hard in the second. The second round started and I came out a different fighter, walking forward, throwing combos and changing the pace of the fight. Eventually, he went for the big takedown and knowing how Jarred is, he’s a flashy wrestler always going for the big slams. I knew that was coming so I decided instead of staying high and letting it happen. I climbed down to his hips, locked them with my hands so he couldn’t move or turn, pressed my chest up against his back so he couldn’t arch and tucked my head for whatever was coming next. He couldn’t move the way he wanted to and he decided to force the slam anyways and paid the ultimate price for it. He got dazed and I circled around, took his back and finished the job. Regardless of him knocking himself out or not with the slam. I would’ve landed in a more dominant position causing the scramble and more than likely I would’ve taken his back. Would’ve I gotten the finished then? I don’t know but I do know I would’ve won the scramble.

MMA News: Now you’ve of course made that step into the UFC. What are your thoughts on the division? Is there anyone right now you’d particularly like to fight? What are your goals now you’re in the UFC?

Jose Torres: I believe the division is stacked like any other and the best thing is we are all fighting to fight against the pound for pound best in the world (DJ). I’m excited for that moment. I’m hoping to be fast-tracked but if I have to do a Max Holloway and fight everyone in the division to prove my point then so be it. I do believe I can be the best in the world and now I’m finally able to do that. I personally want to fight the best of the best and put on amazing and memorable shows along the way. I don’t care who the UFC gives me next, I just hope they give me someone that is willing to go for the finish instead of just enough for the win. My goal is to be the champion but until then, I’m focusing on making myself not just a better fighter, but a better athlete as a whole.

MMA News: You have entered a division that is topped by a man many consider the very best in Demetrious Johnson. What are your thoughts on him?

Jose Torres: I believe he is the best pound for pound fighter out there and no one has ever looked as good as him. He’s so great he’s made the division look lackluster. I’m excited to hopefully get my chance one day and I believe I have what it takes to take him out.

MMA News: How soon can we expect you back in the octagon?

Jose Torres: I’m hoping to be back in the cage in September but that’s honestly up to whatever the UFC wants to do with me. I just want a full training camp. I believe I finally deserve that.

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