Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Michael Page Believes David Haye May Entertain MMA Bout

Are we about to see another combat cross-over? Michael Venom Page certainly thinks its possible!

David Haye officially retired from the boxing ring recently. The British star was a cruiserweight and heavyweight champion, though, he saw the latter end of his career plagued by injuries. However, according to Bellator ace Michael “Venom” Page, Haye would consider jumping into the cage if he can avoid injuries.

Page, who is represented by David Haye under his Hayemaker Promotions umbrella, claims that the boxing star could jump into the cage (via The Sun):

“Going from MMA to boxing is easier than going the other way around as there is more to learn.” Page continued “David has struggled with injuries toward the end of his career. Wrestling and grappling cause more injuries than striking training, you end up with multiple injuries. In my opinion, the reason David retired from the ring was due to the stress he put his body under between camps in order to make it to the ring.”

Page, who recently competed in his second boxing bout, feels that his promoter believes that a one-off bout could earn him mega money – similarly to that of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.

“Being in the ring or the cage is the bit we enjoy, getting there is the hard part. He has probably said to himself  ‘I cannot get through the camps that I need to get to the level I want to fight at.'”

Page continued “But if you are talking about something in the mixed martial arts world – just a one-off fight – then why not. He could jump in there, create some numbers like Mayweather vs McGregor.”

In tune with the theme of cross-overs, MVP also discussed Geordie Shore star and recent MMA cross-over sensation, Aaron Chalmers.

The pair spent some time together in the build-up to Bellator 200 at the SSE Wembley arena last month, where they both secured wins. Page has stated that he is impressed by the Newcastle native.

“Chalmers has had no MMA background but he has taken it all so seriously. The first time I saw him with BAMMA you could see he was very comfortable under the lights.”

Chalmers won his bout against Ash Griffiths in the very first round via submission. The reality TV star has been engaged in a Twitter war with UFC fighter Mike Jackson as of late.

“I have seen very senior fighters crumble under the lights and struggle in that scenario, he was so comfortable having people throwing punches and kicks at him. I said 100 per cent give this guy a chance, if you can fight, you can fight, the UK should get right behind him until he gives you a reason not to.”

“But so many people want to do it the other way round and hate first and then jump on the bandwagon and that is wrong.”

Do you think David Haye can find success in MMA?