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Nick Diaz Victim Claims He Choked Her And Slammed Her On The Ground

Nick Diaz's arrest report has finally been revealed. What is next for the UFC superstar?

The woman involved in the Nick Diaz domestic battery case has seen her claims in the arrest report made public.

Diaz, 34, was arrested last month by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police after he was charged with domestic battery. Following an $18,000 bond, Diaz is due to appear in court later this month in Las Vegas.

According to the report, which was obtained by MMA Fighting, the victim has alleged that Diaz grabbed her by the head before proceeding to throw her to the ground and strangle her. The victim also claimed she had injured herself in a fracas outside near the pool. According to those at the scene, she was “visibly in a large amount of pain and could no longer walk.”

The reports further state that the victim was hospitalized with a broken hip which was a result of the fall from the fracas outdoors. She was also reported to have had bruises on both legs, reddening around her neck, and pain in her head, according to the report.

The breakdown of the incident was also included in the report. The victim claims that she confronted Diaz, who she states was her on-and-off boyfriend, about his alleged intimate relations with one of her friends. She states that they then proceeded to shout at each other before she threw a glass of water in his face. Diaz became increasingly angrier then “grabbed the victim by the head, slammed her on the floor, and began to hit her head on the floor.”

The initial statement from the victim stated that Diaz pursued her out of the house, threw her to the ground and hit her on the edge of the pool. This then changed when she discussed the incident with another officer whilst in hospital. The victim stated that when the two were outside, Diaz choked her for 30 seconds and then let go when he thought she was about to pass out.

According to the report, Diaz stated that he was going to throw her in the pool, he grabbed her by the face and began to push her in the direction of the pool. The victim then said that she grabbed onto him which caused him to fall short and in turn, she hit her lip on the edge of the pool.

As per the report, due to there being no physical damage on Diaz and the victim being “severely injured” the responding officers deemed Diaz to be the “primary aggressor.”

The victim also told police that Diaz had only begun to become violent to her in the few days before the incident. She stated that his increased aggression was because of cocaine usage, she stated that he had never been violent before. She then alleged they’d had a scuffle a few days before which led to the bruises on her thighs.

Following the news of Diaz’s arrest, his friend Matt Staudt came to the aide of his friend by stating that the woman had been stalking Diaz for two years and that she had insulted him by calling him “insane” and “deranged.” He also stated that Diaz would never put his hands on anyone unless it was for self-defense. Matt’s full statement can be seen below:

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