Sunday, May 22, 2022

Josh Burns and Former UFC Champion Allegedly linked to Medicare Scam

The federal government has just scored another powerful takedown, this time worth $112 million, in a Medicare scam allegedly orchestrated by Dr. Frank Patino of Woodhaven, Michigan. Several names were implicated in the scheme, including former Bellator figher Josh Burns, as well as a former champion and  UFC Hall of Famer according to reports.

Court records reveal that Medicare paid approximately $2.6 mililion for urine drug testing claims obtained illegally via bribes and kickbacks. The Detroit Free Press reports that Burns as well as others received kickbacks and bribes for referring drug tests and urine samples to various labs.:

“According to court records, Patino hid and disguised the kickbacks and bribes he received from co-conspirators by entering into sham contracts or employment relationships. Prosecutors allege Patino used more than $100,000 of ill-gotten gains to advertise his “Patino Diet” “through his sponsorship of boxers, MMA fighters and Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters, including world champions.”

On Oct. 25, 2013, Burns and Patino were linked to a $24,098 wire transfer that was deposited into JHB Medical Management, which was owned by Burns.

The following day, Burns allegedly made multiple wire transfers from his bank account to various fighters, including a UFC champion and Hall of Fame Member and a Michigan boxer. He also wired $1,000 to a MMA management company’s back account, which paid for sponsorship of the “Patino Diet,” where MMA fighters served as ambassadors for the product.

The Hall of Famer was not named in the report, but we at will keep you abreast of any further developments or information regarding this case. Burns and Patino have already been indicted.

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