Saturday, November 27, 2021

Austin Vanderford Remains Eager for UFC Opportunity

Last week on Contender Series 13, three contracts were doled out. Unfortunately for Austin Vanderford, fiancé of Paige VanZant, he was not one of them. But don’t let that make you think that Vanderford is giving up on joining the UFC roster. On the contrary, he’s already envisioning scenarios that would land him on the roster despite not being granted a contract on DWTNCS. Vanderford made one thing clear: if it is even remotely possible for him to accept any fight, even if his wedding is hours away, he would jump at the opportunity:

“I think what [Paige and I] are looking it is just the best scenarios coming up,” Vanderford told MMA Fighting. “Paige and I were just having a conversation, if God willing, the UFC called and wanted me on a short-notice fight the weekend before our wedding, I’d take it.

“I’m doing it. I’m taking the opportunity, 100 percent. No second thought,” said Vanderford. “And the great thing is Paige is a fighter and is in the UFC and she understands and we both understand that and she supports me on that. No doubt.”

Vanderford is grateful to have been able to pick up the win on last week’s Contender Series, but no victory would be sweeter than a UFC contract:

“The heartbreaking part about this whole experience is this has been my lifelong dream to be in the UFC and this is what I want so much in life, and to have it right there in your hands and kind of have it taken away, it just hurts and it sucks, and it’s awesome to win and I’m happy about all that, but it’s kind of a bittersweet situation. So if I had the opportunity to do that, I’m taking it for sure.”

Do you believe Austin Vanderford deserves to be in the UFC?

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