Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Conor McGregor Avoids Jail Time For UFC 223 Bus Attack

As I predicted many months ago, the Conor McGregor Brooklyn bus attack saga is over. It’s not only over quickly and efficiently, with virtually two court appearances following his initial arraignment, but yes, Conor will avoid jail time and escape this case without a criminal record.

As it stands, Conor pled guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, which is a violation under section 240.20 of the New York State Penal Law. That means that, while Conor was initially charged with numerous felonies, he will leave this case without even a criminal record. Here’s why I predicted this could happen months ago and why I believe it ultimately did happen.

Firstly, the case isn’t entirely “closed,” yet because Conor will have to satisfy certain conditions such as anger management course-taking, the payment of restitution and other conditions of the deal, such as not being re-arrested. But yes, for all intents and purposes, the criminal case involving Conor McGregor is over. So let’s explore why.

Brooklyn is typically a fair place with prosecutors that do the right thing, generally speaking. They saw that the interests of justice would not be served by having Conor in jail. He is not, it seems, a danger to the public outside of this incident (and maybe one or two others…).

The prosecutors also saw that Conor can do a lot of good in the community, by engaging in outreach efforts and helping others in society, due to his public image and celebrity status. Finally, as indicated earlier when this first happened, Conor was charged with two of the lowest level felonies in New York State. So yes, while this is a great deal for him, it’s not impossible that this deal would’ve been offered even if Conor wasn’t rich and famous.

Most importantly, this plea deal will preserve Conor’s immigration status and ability to travel. A disorderly conduct violation on one’s record should not affect his immigration status and thus, his career will likely proceed untouched.

However, as part of this deal, he did admit guilt on the record in court and thus, civil lawsuits will likely now be filed against Conor, and he will have very little in the way of a defense. But again, Conor is not going to jail and will proceed with his career untouched.

So as I said several days ago…bring on Khabib!

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