Monday, May 23, 2022

UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes Says He Would “Destroy” Brock Lesnar

You have to feel for UFC heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes.

Sitting cageside at UFC 226 this past Saturday, Blaydes watched a potential title shot slip as WWE superstar Brock Lesnar stepped into the cage to challenge two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier. Despite Blaydes riding a six-fight unbeaten streak, it appears at the moment that Lesnar vs. Cormier will be the next matchup for the UFC heavyweight championship.

“I Would Destroy Brock Lesnar” 

In a recent interview with Fightful, Blaydes vented his frustrations on this situation and he believes a matchup between him and Lesnar wouldn’t be close.

“I would destroy Brock Lesnar.” Blaydes said. “What’s to be scared about? Is he going to outwrestle me? No. He’s definitely not going to outstrike me. He hasn’t won a fight in 8 years. I would be pissed if they gave Stipe Miocic a re-match. Brock? That makes no sense.” 

Blaydes (10-1, NC) also didn’t like the way Lesnar stormed the cage on Saturday night and felt the whole confrontation with Daniel Cormier was something straight out of a pro-wrestling script.

“It reeked of WWE, and I don’t like that.” Blaydes explained. “I understand this is an entertainment sport, but we have to be careful that we don’t overvalue someone’s marketability over their production in the cage. I want to be judged on the merit of my victories, not on the smack that I talk. They don’t care about your ranking, they just want you to sell the fight. That’s not fair. The number one priority should be to win the fight. I shouldn’t have to make my case, it should be common sense.”

“Razor” is coming off a TKO victory over Alistair Overeem in his hometown of Chicago at UFC 225 in June. The 27-year-old has only lost once in his career – a TKO setback to Francis Ngannou in his promtional debut at UFC Fight Night 86 in Apr. 2016.

Lesnar (5-3, NC) hasn’t won a fight since July 2010 and is 0-2-NC in his last three fights. The former UFC heavyweight champion can’t fight until January as he has recently re-entered the USADA testing pool.

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