Monday, June 27, 2022

Curtis Blaydes is Not a Fan of Brock Lesnar’s Return to MMA

Curtis Blaydes was watching UFC 226 closely this past weekend since he is currently ranked the number two heavyweight in the UFC heavyweight rankings. Having recently defeated Alistair Overeem, Blaydes had a lot of interest in what the aftermath of UFC 226 would mean for him in the months to come and took to social media to chime in when the main and co-main event aired.

Like many watching the co-main event, the fight Blaydes and fans were expecting turned out to be the most criticized fights of the night. Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou (Ngannou just fought Stipe Miocic for the title and lost at UFC 220), did the opposite of what was expected of them and Blaydes believed their apprehension to finish one another helped his cause for a title shot.

Then came the main event where Daniel Cormier solidified his status as one of the current great competitors in mixed martial arts by defeating Miocic in the first round and adding the heavyweight title to his record in the sport. Cormier being the light-heavyweight champion was not ranked in the heavyweight division but super fights are events that seem to bring the UFC their biggest, bankable events and Cormier was a top heavyweight before he pursued his light heavyweight career so the fight was a welcome event for international fight week.

Cormier made himself a two-division champion with his win over Miocic and one would expect a rematch or a top contender bout to be booked sometime later this year. However, it seems the UFC has other plans much to the disappointment of Blaydes. With Brock Lesnar entering the ring and Dana White pretty much saying the fight is happening it seems Blaydes is left waiting for a title shot after UFC 226.

The heavyweight contender does not want to take part in the way fights are made these days and says he would rather let his wins speak for themselves.

He called the exchange between Cormier and Lesnar “fake” and refuses to take part in anything that resembles the WWE.

“I’ll just continue to grow as a martial artist and become more dangerous.”- Curtis Blaydes

Do you think Blaydes will get his title shot before the end of the year?

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