Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Darren Till on Stephen Thompson: If he Wants a Rematch he Can Have it

Darren Till isn’t backing down from the thought of a rematch with Stephen Thompson.

Till and Thompson clashed back in May in the main event of UFC Liverpool. Going into the bout, Till missed weight at 188 pounds. He couldn’t weigh anymore than that on fight night and he was able to get down to 187.3 pounds. After five rounds of action, Till was awarded the unanimous decision and many felt there was some home cooking.

In addition to that, Thompson complained about Till repeatedly throwing side kicks to the knee. “Wonderboy” has said he felt the intention to take his knees out was clear. He’s been calling for a ban of side kicks to the knee.

Till responded to Thompson’s calls for a ban and offered him a rematch (via MTK Global):

“I saw the interview (he) did. If he wants leg kicks banned, why don’t we ban spinning head-kicks to the face while we’re at it? I was not trying to hurt his knee. I was trying to deaden his leg to stop him using it. That was my strategy. I know he’s had surgery on his left knee and I was not trying to cause him another injury in that area but this is a fight and we’re in the most brutal sport in the world. In my opinion, you can’t really come out and say you want this thing banned or that thing banned. If a rematch with Thompson is what the UFC want me to do, I’ll do the rematch. If he wants another fight, it’ll be the different this time. I’ll be much stronger. If he wants it, he can have it. I’m not one for turning down a fight – especially not a rematch.”

If Darren Till and Stephen Thompson were to meet again, who would you pick to win the rematch?

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