Saturday, December 4, 2021

Dennis Bermudez Unsure of Future After Controversial Boise Loss

UFC Fight Night Boise had its share of questionable judges’ scorecards, and arguably the most questionable was the decision of two judges to score the Dennis Bermudez vs. Rick Glenn bout in favor of Glenn, with one judge even granting Glenn the shutout 30-27 win over Bermudez. It may come as no surprise that Glenn and Bermudez have different interpretations of the judge’s scorecards:

I did more damage,” Glenn told MMAjunkie when asked about his thoughts on the decision. “Even on the ground, I made him work. I cracked him with some good elbows. He was cringing, started posturing up. I got up and stuffed quite a few of his takedowns. I feel like I was a little more violent and just super happy.”

When asked which rounds Glenn specifically thought he won, he believe he bookended the rounds, with Bermudez taking the middle stanza:

“The first round could have been a 10-8. I rocked him pretty good. I was pretty close to finishing him. And then I think he won the second round. Third round was kind of even, so I feel like I won the 1st and the 3rd.”

Dennis Bermudez’s recap of the fight sounds quite a bit different when speaking to MMAjunkie following the controversial loss:

“He was throwing that weird kick. He was throwing it hard. But I was blocking every single one of them. Like, yeah, he’s keeping me away, and then I would throw him on his back. I would throw him on his back, he would throw a ton of elbows, because he’s like, ‘Oh, man, I’m taken down.’ And then, I would stop him and then start my elbows. “

Bermudez did not feel like the loser in this fight, but in this post-fight interview, he appeared and sounded like a spiritually defeated man:

“I got kids. I got a house. It financially sucks, man. I gotta pay my coaches, my manager, paying for this week out here: flights…it doesn’t pay to lose.”

When asked if he is motivated to continue in the sport, Bermudez was unable to provide an answer so soon after losing a third straight split-decision loss:

“I don’t know. We’re gonna let it sink in and get back to you.”

All told, this marks the fourth straight loss for Dennis Bermudez, who now moves to 16-9 overall.

Do you believe we may have seen the last of Dennis Bermudez in the UFC?

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