Friday, May 27, 2022

Dominick Cruz Opens up on Why he Blames Himself for Putting off Arm Surgery

Dominick Cruz is taking full responsibility for being out of action for such a long time.

Cruz is ready to get back inside of the Octagon after suffering his first loss in over eight years at UFC 207 by losing the title to Cody Garbrandt in a highly-entertaining affair. Garbrandt has since lost the title to TJ Dillashaw. 

If you recall, the former champion was expected to return to action last December. However, that was not meant to be as he was forced out of a UFC 219 showdown with Jimmie Rivera due to a broken arm.

Cruz appeared on The MMA Hour on Monday to talk with Luke Thomas to give an update on his health and how he has been recovering from his latest injury that has plagued him over the last several months.

He did bring up the fact that he has since had the surgery and is already back in the gym but is still awaiting clearance from a physician.

“What happened is broke my arm and the bone didn’t shift, so since it didn’t shift I didn’t get surgery right away,” Cruz told Luke Thomas. “They said, ‘The bone will fill in the gap on its own, it will heal and everything will be okay.’ Three and a half months later, that did not take place. The bone did not fill in and since I did not get surgery, the bone was not strong.

“Three months into my arm breaking, when it initially took place, I now have to go to the doctor and they say, ‘Well, on second thought you do need surgery.’ So that four month injury turns into now a seven, eight month injury.”

“Now that I’ve had the surgery, I’m finally healing and I’m finally training again and doing my thing,” Cruz said. “But I still have time before it’s cleared by the doctor from that surgery. It seems like forever because the first three months I was waiting to heal and it didn’t heal.”

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